DMCC Approved Auditors 2021

DMCC Approved Auditors 2021 rule aim to register auditors who will ensure the best quality audit services offered to DMCC member companies and provide the assurance that the Audited Financial Statements represent true and accurate financial position.

DMCC Approved Auditors List 2021

Updated approved auditors list for DMCC 2020-2021: Link expired. Check latest update on our we site,
S.l. number : 155, Account Number : 148497
Name: Saif Chartered Accountants, 1106, The Prism, Business Bay Dubai

DMCC Approved Auditors List 2021

Why Saif Chartered Accountants?

Saif Chartered Accountants is a professional firm of Chartered Accountants, established in Dubai as an auditing and accounting firm approved by DMCC. We have a full-fledged team with professional qualifications and experience in the field of accounting, auditing and business consultancy. Established in 1994, with offices in Dubai, Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah, and associate offices in RAK Free Trade Zone, London, Cardiff and India. Saif Chartered Accountants cater to a wide spectrum of clientele from diversified industries located in UAE.

Preparation of accounts

The Directors of every Company must procure the preparation of accounts for each financial year of the Company.

The accounts must:

  • be prepared in accordance with and comply with International Financial Reporting Standards;
  • show a true and fair view of the profit and loss of the Company for the period and of the state of the Company’s affairs at the end of the period; and
  • be approved by the Directors and signed on their behalf by at least one of them.

Within six months, or such other period prescribed by DMCCA, after the end of the financial year of the Company, the accounts for that period must be:

  • prepared and approved by the Directors;
  • examined and reported on by an auditor approved by DMCCA; and
  • DMCC Company Regulations – Update date: 2 of January 2020- Version 2 48
  • laid before a General Meeting for discussion and, if thought fit, approved by its Shareholders together with a copy of the auditor’s report.

Each Company must file a copy of the accounts and the auditor’s report with the Registrar within five Business Days of the relevant General Meeting, providing such additional information as requested by the Registrar.

Appointment and removal of auditors

A Company must appoint a firm of auditors who must examine and report on the accounts prepared pursuant to Regulation 71, in accordance with these Regulations. A Company may, in its discretion, appoint an auditor solely to report on its accounts and not on a general retainer basis.

A Company must appoint its auditor at a General Meeting. The Company must not appoint an auditor under these Regulations unless:

  • the auditor has been registered by DMCCA as an approved auditor;
  • the auditor has, prior to the appointment, consented in writing to the appointment;
  • the Company is not, on reasonable enquiry, aware of any matter which should preclude the auditor from giving its consent.

An auditor must be registered by DMCC as an approved auditor pursuant to approved auditor rules published by DMCCA from time to time

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