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How to choose best from Dubai Auditors?

Dubai Auditors & Accountants : An external audit is an unbiased, independent review of a company’s business and financial situation conducted by an external auditor. Public organizations and publicly traded firms are usually required to have an external audit conducted yearly. The firm’s management is responsible for the selection and appointment of an external auditor. There are many external audit firms in Dubai (Dubai Auditors) to choose from. There are many factors to consider in the decision, including the auditor’s reputation, past experience, and staff.

Advantages of choosing right Audit firm in Dubai

  • An external audit helps an organization to assess the state of its business and to put in place measures to improve and develop it.
  • External audits assess its risk-management policies and help to deter fraud.
  • Appointing the right external auditors will ensure a smooth and thorough examination of the company and a transparent and thorough audit.

Best and reliable Chartered Accountants?

The main  criteria of selecting an auditor should be their credibility. Any firm of auditors not withstanding their professionalism, quality and ethics, managed to obtain or buy an international logo for their firm’s name which is often find deceitful in many cases, as most of their clients experienced bitterly later. Though this applies only to  limited firms, the lack of authenticity and unethical track records often culminates into a lethal consequence among the Dubai Auditors market.

It’s preferable to assess the quality and credibility of the auditor before assigning any tasks to them.  Often the current trend in the clients’ market is negotiation for the lowest cost which often in many cases compromises the quality and instigate spontaneous growth of ‘fly by night’ auditors or their agents.

There are a lot of qualified professional  firms of Dubai Auditors who can cater very serious professional services to their clients in a cost effective way. But rather negotiating for the lowest cost and ending up with an agent, it is the client who should stand for quality of service they sought.

Unfortunately the market of the auditors’ profession here is now left open in the clients’ market and they decide whom to choose from. In other words, only after this situation changes and the audit profession is controlled by the auditors’ market; we can retain the credibility and the ethical standards of the profession. It is to be mentioned that the above scenario applies only to small-medium firms and clients.

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