#1 Audit firm in Dubai – Saif Chartered Accountants

#1 Audit firm in Dubai

#1 Audit firm in Dubai: Saif Chartered accountants is a professional firm of Chartered Accountants, established in Dubai as an auditing and accounting firm. We have a full-fledged team with professional qualifications and experience in the field of accounting, auditing and business consultancy. Established in 1994, with offices in Dubai, Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah and associate offices in RAK Free Trade Zone, London, and India. Saif Chartered Accountants cater to a wide spectrum of clientele from diversified industries located in UAE.

We are affiliated to SGA World, a professional services firm helping clients develop better business strategies that build on their unique inherent and potential strengths the philosophy of the company, how it is organized to understand market opportunities and customer needs, and the methods it uses to deliver products and services. We help companies to continually adapt and continually improve. Santa Fe Associates uses a commonsense methodology developed form of its broad international experience with businesses.

#1 Audit firm in Dubai  

#1 Audit firm in Dubai – Why Saif Audit?

Conducting an audit means reporting to shareholders or other stakeholders on whether a business or other organization’s accounts show “a true and fair view” of its financial activity. So auditors provide an important service that enables the business world to function, can help to identify and prevent fraud and injustice.

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