Fee on new licences waived off for two years  in UAE

The Abu Dhabi Executive Council has approved a resolution to exempt all new economic licenses issued in the emirate from all local fees for 2 years, effective from the date of issue.

The Council has also approved another resolution exempting and reducing the fees of 98 basic services charged by the Abu Dhabi Municipalities on the private sector.

The 2 resolutions are aimed to facilitate economic activities in Abu Dhabi.



Coming into force on December 1, the 2 resolutions are part of the Abu Dhabi Government Accelerators Programme ‘Ghadan 21’ which is aimed to enhance the competitiveness of Abu Dhabi in business, investment, society, knowledge innovation and lifestyle.

The resolution of exempting new licenses from local government fees covers all commercial activities in Abu Dhabi and the emirate’s free zones.

The second resolution cancels the fees for 75 basic services provided by the Abu Dhabi Municipalities and reduces the fees of 23 services by 10 to 50 per cent

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