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VAT services

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VAT accounting

If you are a VAT registered business, you must keep records of all the supplies you make and receive, and a summary of VAT charged and paid/payable for each tax period covered by your tax returns.

Saif Chartered Accountants offers complete accounting solution for your VAT requirements.

Specialised VAT desk

We have formed special VAT Desk, who will be serving clients for any service related to VAT. Our TAX experts provide support to the client right from the beginning.

VAT desk available for Construction, Manufacturing, services, Trading & Retail, Logistics and Hospitality sectors.

VAT consultancy

We can assist with all aspects of VAT, including reviews and planning and updates on any changes that may affect your particular sector.

We can also advise on the best way to treat new areas of trade as your business expands, as it's important to plan mitigation of VAT liabilities in advance.

How can Saif Chartered Accountants help you in vat?

Understand your business and VAT implementation

Our TAX/VAT experts shall visit your office to understand the business model... (more)

VAT registration

To comply with the UAE VAT Law, we shall advise you regarding the procedural formalities, quantum of turnover which attracts VAT, and the date by which registration has to be made, considering...(more)

VAT return

We offer support for preparing and filing of the VAT return by taking the correct input tax credit against the total VAT liability with guidance...(more)

Accounting systems under VAT

We review the current accounting systems followed in the company. Proper classification and grouping with appropriate chart...(more)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will all businesses need to register with the government for VAT?

No, not all businesses will need to register for VAT. There will be a threshold limit fixed by the government.

What are the VAT-related responsibilities of businesses?

All the business holders across the country will need to keep the record of their financial transactions accurate and up to date. The businesses, which meet the minimum annual turnover fixed by the government, will have to register for VAT

Will non-residents be required to register for VAT?

Non-residents that make taxable supplies in the UAE will be required to register for VAT unless there is any other UAE resident person who is responsible for accounting for VAT on these supplies. This exclusion may apply, for example, where a UAE business is required to account for VAT under a reverse charge mechanism in respect of a purchase from a non-resident.

How often are registered businesses required to file VAT returns?

Registered users are likely to submit VAT returns on a regular basis. The default time period for filing VAT returns is expected to be three months for a majority of businesses. Registered businesses will be capable of filling their returns using online eServices.

What kind of records are businesses required to maintain, and for how long?

Businesses will have to maintain genuine records so that government authorities will be able to identify the details of the business activities and review transactions. The time period and more details regarding the documents will be announced in due course.

Is VAT applicable in export?

In the case of exports, VAT will be zero rated.

VAT / Tax overview

Vat Filing
Procedure for filing VAT return in Dubai, UAE

Once the VAT implementation starts, the returns should be submitted at the regular periods. The duration for filing is for every quarter of the year.

The registered businesses can file their returns using the online services of the governmental tax related portal. We guide taxpayers to file the value added tax returns too.

How to file vat
How to file UAE VAT return?

The VAT e-filing will be active on the portal of Ministry of Finance. Procedure for filing VAT return in Dubai will be entirely online and no manual returns are accepted by the ministry. The e-services section will offer an option for the VAT return filing. The returns should be filed after every quarter. Delay in filing returns may attract penalties imposed by the tax authorities.

When file VAT
When to file Vat returns?

All the registered businesses and individuals should submit the quarterly records of the paid value added tax. Even if you have not paid VAT, you should file the return as Nil if you are a VAT registered company.

The default period for submission of the returns of VAT is 3 months.

Why VAT?
Why VAT returns are important?

The VAT return is nothing but a formal way of reporting the VAT paid during a specific duration. It is to be submitted as per the documents in the record, ledger, and the financial statements.

The main purpose of filing a return is to show the summary of the value added tax to the authorities. Returns are essential for performing auditing by VAT law enforcement activities.