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Financial consultancy

Financial consultancy
Financial consultancy

Financial management is one of the key points in driving a business to success.It is more than book keeping and balancing business accounts.Financial decisions are to be made with careful analysis of financial market and analytical methodology that allows a business to get the insights and identify the productive opportunities.

The Financial Advisory (or financial consulting) segment delivers consulting services that build on a strong financial analytical fundament. Service offerings span a wide variety of topics, such as transaction services, risk management, tax advisory, real estate advisory, compliance and litigation services, accounting services and so on. The market for financial advisory consists of eight main disciplines: Transaction Services, Corporate Finance, Crisis & Recovery, Risk Management, Accounting Advisory, Tax Advisory, Real Estate Advisory and Forensics & Litigation.

Transaction services provides client with a range of services related to the acquisition, merger or divestiture of an organisation. Services range from setting an M&A strategy, target screening, valuations and due diligence in the pre-deal process to post-merger integration support and other operational transaction services after a deal has been unveiled. Corporate finance is the area of consulting that deals with funding and capital structure matters. Key propositions include financing (including alternative investments) restructuring, working capital management (also closely tied to the finance consulting segment within operations consulting), IPO’s and capital markets.Accounting advisory focuses on supporting clients with optimising the accounting and financial reporting challenges facing their businesses and the finance function. Projects typically entail boosting the efficiency of the accounting function, improving financial reporting quality and flows, and ensuring compliance to regulatory requirements at all levels, such as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) globally and local legislation.

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