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Dubai Development Authority

Dubai Development Authority

Dubai Development Authority: auditors and accountants

Dubai Development Authority is a Dubai Government entity established and named pursuant to Law No. 15 of 2014 and Law No 10 of 2018. The change reflects the entity’s new broader mandate overseeing development control, municipal, economic and immigration functions across select free zone clusters and other communities by various master developers throughout Dubai.

Businesses can choose from several legal structures at the time of incorporation. These are as follows:

A free zone limited liability company

(FZ-LLC) is formed as a separate legal entity, with shareholders as individuals and/or corporates. The minimum capital requirement for incorporation depends on the business activity.

A branch of a foreign or a UAE company

A branch of a foreign or a UAE company is not a legal entity separate from its parent but is considered a place of business that forms a legally dependent part of the parent company and conducts all or some of the operations inherent in the parent's business. No share capital is required to set up as a branch.


The freelance permit offers the ability to operate as a freelance professional. The permit identifies you as a sole practitioner and enables you to conduct your business in your birth name as opposed to a brand name.

dubai internet city

Dubai Internet City

Activities : Software (Consultancy, Developer, Solution Provider, Customer Service,Support Service Provider), Internet and Multimedia (Consultancy, Developer, Solution Provider etc..), Telecommunication and Network (Consultancy, Developer, Solution Provider etc), IT Service (Consultancy, Developer, Solution Provider etc), ICT Freelancers (Web, Mobile, Software Development and Architecture Freelancer, IT and Telecommunication Networking Freelancer, Data Science and Analytics Freelancer, Customer Service Freelancer)

dubai outsource city

Dubai Outsource Zone

Activities: Customer care (Companies providing outsource services for customer selection through marketing campaigns), Transaction Processing, telemarketing and telesales, Disaster Recovery Centre, Operations Support, Information Technology Management, Man Power Supply

dubai Media city

Dubai Media City

Activities: Advertising & Communication, Media and Marketing Services, Media Support Services, Event Management, Event Support Services, Media and Marketing Consultancy, New Media, Media Association (Non-Profit)

dubai Media city

Dubai Production City

Activities: Printing and Packaging Machinery, Printing Consumables, Printing Press, Signage and Exhibition, Packaging, Publishing, Publishing Support Services, Promotional Services, General Warehousing

dubai studio city

Dubai Studio City

Activities : Radio Station (Satellite, Radio Network – Satellite, Radio Station – Terrestrial, Radio Network – Terrestrial, IP Streaming/Internet Radio), Broadcast Support Services, Broadcast Service Providers, Digital Content Creation, Film Support Services, Production (Film, TV and Radio), Production Support Services, Music and Entertainment, Themed Amusement and Recreation Activities

Dubai Knowledge Park

Dubai Knowledge Park

Activities : Professional and Management Development Training, Legal Training Services, Human Resources Training & Development, Management Training, Business & Secretarial Training, Computer Training, Language Training, Fine Arts Training, Child Skills Development Training, Tutoring Services, Technical & Occupational Skills Training, Human Resources Consultancy, Research & Development


Dubai Science Park

Activities : Therapeutics, Food, Agricultural, Horticulture and Agriculture Technology, Environment, Medical/Scientific Devices or Equipment, Specialty Supplies, Diagnostics and Analysis, Life Science Services, Life Science Associations (Non-Profit), Conformity Assessment and Certification Agency, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency Equipment, Air and Environment, Water and Waste Water, Recycling and Solid Waste, Green Building, Organic Products

Dubaidesign district

Dubai Design District

Activities: Fashion, Luxury, Interior, Furniture and Objects, Design, E-Commerce (This Segment also applies to DIC and DMC), Ancillary Services, Beauty Care, Art, etc..

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