Update customs registration with the FTA

If your Tax Registration Number (“TRN”) is not updated at the Customs Department, you have the following three options:

Update customs registration with the FTA

Option 1:

Update your customs registration number on your profile with the FTA by logging onto the FTA’s e-Services portal.

Option 2:
Complete the VAT declaration using your TRN directly on the FTA’s e-services portal:

  • Submit your customs declaration following standard procedures customs declaration number.
  • Login to the FTA’s e-services portal using the username and password linked to your TRN.
  • Navigate to the VAT tab on FTA eServices Portal and click on “VAT301 – Import Declaration Form for VAT
  • Payment”, enter the port of entry, customs declaration number and declaration date, then fetch the TRN number.
  • Complete the declaration process and submit the form.
  • Following this process, the FTA will electronically update the customs declaration at the customs department that the VAT
  • payment has been completed.

Option 3:

  • Provide the customs department office with your TRN.
  • The customs department officer can verify the TRN by logging onto the e-Services portal.
  • Once the customs department office verifies the TRN, the customs department can update your TRN on the
  • customs department system.

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